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This Sea Scape is made of beveled glass and comes in a variety of sizes; 2 x 4, 2x6, or 3x9.  There is decorative solder surrounding the entire piece which is filled with sand and sea shells.  If you have shells, sand, or any mementos  you'd like preserved under glass, let us know.

To preserve a bridal bouquet in a smaller version, we took a few rose buds, the ribbon from the bouquet and some of the rhinestone jewels, and enclosed them in a triangular beveled glass piece.  The piece is 3 inches by 8 inches.  Another unique way to remember that special day.

Detail showing the miniature bridal bouquet piece

This magical canopy was created in a child's room and 5 stained glass 3d hearts were incorporated in the design.

Detail of the stained glass 3d hearts used in the canopy above.  Use your imagination for other spots to display this unique piece of stained glass.

This angel stands 6 inches high and can hold a tea light candle in her base.

Spider web has some spaces without glass to enhance the depth of the piece.  The Fused Spider shown in the photo can be added.  See detail below.

Spider web with a fused glass spider.

This small piece of antique lace was protected by placing it on a piece of black glass and another piece of clear glass over it.  The original lace tablecloth had deteriorated and had many holes in it.  The owners salvaged this 2 inch piece which we turned into a keepsake they hang on the wall.

Antique lace doillie enclosed under stained glass.  The bottom piece of stained glass is amber and there is decorative solder around the entire piece.  This can be hung on a wall, or used on a table as a tray.  The size is 10 inchs.

  Another example of antique hand made lace preserved under glass.  This can be used as a tray or hung on the wall.  This piece is 14 inches by 6 inches.  

Butterfly made with decorative solder and wire.  The glass used is white iridized.  Irridized glass causes a rainbow effect on the glass.  Size is 8 by 8 inches.

Butterfly made with decorative solder and wire.  The glass used was red.  Size is 8 by 8 inches.