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Commissioning a Custom Stained or Beveled Glass Window, Door, or project

In order to introduce you to the steps involved in ordering a custom designed stained glass window, the following outline describes the nature and process of commissioning a unique piece of finely crafted art glass.

Stained glass is an art form that dates back a thousand years to pre-medieval Europe. Despite the many technological achievements since that time, the fabrication of stained glass windows is still done the same manual way, one piece at a time.

The Design and Fabrication Process

1. Schedule an initial complimentary consultation either by phone or online so we can determine your needs.  During this discussion, we will gather information on your wants and desires and to discuss what you want to accomplish with your new glass piece.  Usually within a day or two, a written preliminary quote will be sent to you. At this time preliminary measurements are necessary and I can assess site specific design elements such as lighting, contextual design themes, and structural requirements.

2. Upon acceptance of the preliminary quote, which is subject to change pending approval of final design, I will require a 10% design retainer, which is applicable to the final purchase price.

3. Within one to four weeks from the payment of a design retainer I will have a scaled colored rendering of your commission ready for your review. At this time, a conference/call will be scheduled to discuss the rendering. I will go over the design with you and present you with a palette of glass types to be employed in the project. At this time, a written final quote, based on the scaled rendering, will be given to you. Upon your acceptance of the quote and written approval of the design, I will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. At this time you will be given an approximate time line for the fabrication of the commission, which in most cases will run from three to ten weeks depending on the scope of the work.  (If you decide to cancel your project, your deposit can be applied to another glass project if commissioned within 3 months.)  

4. Upon the completion of the fabrication of your commission, I will invite you to view it at my studio or via digital photos over the Internet. I will require payment of the balance due, before your work is picked up or shipped. I have shipped many pieces including full beveled glass doors from the east coast to the west coast via freight.  I do not do installations. However, I can advise you how to obtain a subcontractor who has experience handling stained glass installations. Be sure to obtain a written quote and explanation of what will be provided by the installer.

In addition, I can also provide custom hardwood doors and / or entryways. I have a number of reputable manufacturers from whom I order my doors and entryways. If you wish me to design and quote a custom door or entryway I will require a $100.00 deposit (applicable to purchase price) to make a shop drawing for quoting purposes. Upon approval of the quote and shop drawing, a 50% deposit is payable. Generally, the timeline for the making of a custom door / entryway runs from 8 to 10 weeks, after which I begin the fabrication of the stained or beveled glass that goes into it.

Be aware that aside from the expense to design and fabricate a custom door / entryway, you will have to pay for its installation, hardware (lock-set, door handles, etc.) and finishing (stain or paint). I will be happy to provide you with the names of professionals who can help you with these needs!